Ok so how does it all work?

It’s actually very simple. You enjoy your wedding day, and we will capture it for you. We don’t stage anything! Our goal is to make only the smallest footprint possible. For this reason we advise our couples not to choose to add extra videographers. Almost all our work is shot with just one videographer. We also advise couples to ask their photographer whether an assistant photographer is really necessary. We just find having less people around on the day keeps things way more relaxed.

Do I even need a wedding video? Aren’t photos enough?

This is best answered by our previous couples. We can’t tell you the amount of times we have been told getting a wedding video was the best decision a couple made for their day. Anyone married will tell you the day itself flies by. We consider a wedding video one of the most important investments on a wedding day because it preserves all those memories. The best thing is it will only become more valuable with age. Photos are a wonderful way to capture moments in time, but video is something completely different. It is a fully immersive experience with motion and audio. This is something photos can’t replicate and for this reason we say “yes you need a wedding video”.


We’re too shy. Our film won’t look as good.

No not at all. We consider ourselves highly skilled at pulling the best from wedding days, and we’re sure we will surprise you with what we create. You would be surprised at how many of our online films are ‘quieter couples’.

Where does your music come from? Do we choose it?

Our music comes from a variety of resources and is all licensed for online use. We highly recommend leaving the music choice to us. Being limited by the music choice can really stunt creativity in the edit.


Do you charge for travel?

We are based out of Perth, Western Australia and film all over the southwest. We charge a small fee for weddings more than an hour from the CBD. If you’re wedding is in another country we can create a special packaged price to include travel. Just get in touch to find out more.

Got any other tips? You bet!

Don’t skip congratulations. This is one of the most joyous parts of the day and makes for really great footage in your film.

Choose an outdoor venue. Nothing beats the outdoors.

Colour your wedding day with fun things for guests to do. These look great in the video and are a great way to celebrate. Example? Confetti, sparklers, streamers, balloons, games etc etc.

Give us MOVEMENT BABY! We fully encourage you to walk between photo locations, jump around, laugh, be stupid. The best footage we get has movement and LOTS of it! For this reason we encourage you to choose photographers who also like to shoot like this. Standing in front of a camera posing can make it really difficult for us to get the footage we need.

Have fun! The best films are simply couples having fun. So have fun. Did I say have fun?!?