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RJ + Crystal | Country wedding


Boy oh boy what an action packed wedding. A lot of this can be credited to the bridal party of 26. Yes you heard me right 26! These two both grew up in the small country town of Donnybrook (a few hours south of Perth), and have been family friends since they were just wee little ones. There were a lot of jokes about them being brother and sister, but to our relief this was just a family joke that had been around since they started dating years back.

Big wedding parties are fun, but this wedding party was GIGANTIC, and it made for an all out party from the moment we arrived until the moment we left. We spent the afternoon on the family orchard munching on apples, and trying to best organise the entourage of bridal party members. Needless to say it was a whole heap of fun and made for a really cool wedding video.



Sarah + Mitchell | Koh Samui

These two are a couple of the cutest most kind loving, and generous people we have met. We flew to Koh Samui in Thailand for what was a small wedding with family and friends. We immediately felt more like guests than wedding videographers, as they treated us to delicious spreads of Thai food along with fresh cold coconuts over many lunches and dinners. The wedding day itself was near perfect. Clear sky’s, the bluest of oceans, and a gentle warm breeze adding to what we would later title ‘ the tropical wedding dream’.

We have never seen so much food in our lives. A Banquet of fresh flavoursome deliciousness awaited the guests (and us!) at their reception. Guests ate and drank the night away as the sun set and the party got going. It was now 12am and the wedding was winding down… NOT!! The after party at the library below was just opening its doors. Seeing the guests the next day we could tell they had a pretty good ol’ time ;)



Josh + Chiara | Perth, West Australia


So this type of wedding comes around once every few years if we’re lucky. The moment I realised this wedding was going to be something ‘extra’ came about 5 minutes into our meeting when Josh mentions Australian musicians Ricki Lee, Daryl Braithwaite and Perth Symphony Orchestra all in the same sentence. OK, this is going to be epic!

I wasn’t surprised to then hear the event was being planned by OMG Events. These guys tend to turn up at all the biggest weddings in Perth and create only the most stunning work. I was later approached by OMG to create a behind the scenes video. You can view that video below. So the day came, and the party started. The setup was nestled in a small courtyard covered in rich green vines at Saint Georges college in Perth. The most beautifully decorated marquee by Natural Art Flowers was accompanied but a huge stage and free flow bar. My favourite moment was when Josh & Chiara got on stage with Daryl and sung his classic ‘The horses’. What a moment! What a wedding!



OMG EVENTS Perth | Behind the scenes


Take a look at what goes on behind the scenes in planning and executing such a huge wedding. OMG are some of Perth’s best and pulled of this wedding with finesse. Including a host of high end vendors such as Natural Art Flowers, Teneil Kable Photography, Hire Society & Highlane Creative this was a wedding you have to see to believe.



Aaron + Katie | Santorini


People often ask us how we go about filming so many overseas weddings. The truth is that they usually come about by chance. I was having coffee with a commercial client and he was telling me about his upcoming trip to the Greek Islands for a wedding. My ears pricked up, and just a few phone calls later we had tickets booked to the worlds most romantic island ‘Santorini’.

Ever since I started out filming weddings I have dreamed of filming in Santorini. The breathtaking views, iconic white and blue buildings, and the fresh mediterranean breeze was something I had sat and thought about on many occasions. The best thing about destination weddings is that they are more than just a days worth of celebration, in fact they are a whole holiday worth of celebration. We spent three days with Aaron + Katie, riding quads around the island, sailing, swimming and having an all out good time. I know I have said it before but this doesn’t feel like work. This is just too much fun!

I remember a specific moment on the morning of the wedding when I had loaded my quad bike with gear, and was driving to the preparations, and I just thought “how can it get better than this?!?’ I mean for goodness I am riding a quad bike to the wedding!



Jamie + Jessie | All the feels


There is something so special about small intimate weddings with just a bunch of those closest to you. Jamie & Jessie did just this, and created a wedding that broke away from all the traditions and was a simple reflection of them as a couple.

On a beautiful spring day at Eagle Bay Brewery, under an old white gum tree, with those closest to them these two created a wedding ceremony that really challenged my views of what a wedding ceremony should be. You could tell they had really thought about why we ‘say the things we say’ and ‘do the things we do’ during traditional wedding ceremonies. So they stripped it back, and I am telling you it was the most beautiful ceremony I have ever experienced.

I took a lot away from this wedding and I now encourage all the couples I meet to strip it back and really think about why you choose the traditions you do at your wedding. Don’t follow everyone else’s example, make it your own and something unique to you.